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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Psycho - Kannada Songs

Psycho Kannada Songs

Psycho Movie Details
Movie Name: Psycho
Release Date: Coming Soon
Director: V.Devadutta
Music: Raghu Dixit
Camera: Shabhakumar
Producer: R.Gurudutt
Choreography: Vincent
Editing: B.S.Kemparaju

Psycho Tracks:
  1. Psycho Theme

  2. Beladingalante Minuguta (Singers: Haricharan, Saindhavi)

  3. Ee Tanuvu Ninnade(Singer: Raghu Dixit)

  4. Eno Ide(Singer: Raghu Dixit)

  5. Mussanje Rangalli (Singer: Saindhavi)

  6. Ninna Poojege (Singers: Raghu Dixit, Haricharan)

  7. Preetiya Manashantiya (Singer: Raghu Dixit)

Great Music From Raghu Dixit. Kannada Film Industry Going great guns with new faces like Raghu. Great Music Composer, Wonderfull Album. Hats of to you Raghu. and you can also find Raghu Websites here :

Listen Psycho Kannada Songs

The makers of Psycho have decided to keep the actors names as secret until the release!! Great And Something unique for Kannada film industry.
Lyrics are penned by Late. R.N. Jayagopal, Jayanth Kaikini, Raghu Dixit, and the director Devadatta.V himself. If you know the ACTORS Name in this movie. Please leave the comments.
Also Listen Raghu Dixit (Psycho Musci Director)Rocking Music Album Songs:
Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo - Kannada Track From Raghu.
Sorutihudu Maniya Maligi - Kannada Track From Raghu - Very Good Song.



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